21 March 2023

Hey there! @MKRLLR here.

If you've been to this site before, you'll notice a handful of changes here and there. For starters, the domain name has changed and the header bar no longer says "MAKIROLL."

Yes, I'm rebranding, and as part of this rebrand effort, I'm reformatting the blog formerly known as Makiroll as a proper personal website. @MKRLLR (pronounced "maki roller") has been my Twitter handle for the longest time, and I've recently decided to embrace it as an online brand, hence this site's new name.

There will be more changes in the coming weeks as I work on a new design (this new-ish look is temporary). In the meantime, posts from Makiroll live on in the @MKRLLR Blog. Links to posts on will continue to work until I find a new use for the domain name.

And I'm @MKRLLR elsewhere on the web, too:

That's it for this quick update. Thanks for dropping by. And as always, stay awesome.