Throwback Tuesday

25 January 2022

Hello everyone.

This week’s been a busy one so far, and next week is shaping up to be just as busy, so I probably won’t be able to return to writing until early February.

Makiroll has only been around since 2020 but I started writing way earlier, from the simple Blogger blog I set up in late 2006 to my 3-year Multiply habit, and eventually a Medium blog named “The Makiroll” in 2015. I was able to save much of my writing from 2008 to 2014 and from a brief return to blogging in February 2018, and to make this site less lonely while I worked on new content two years ago, I’ve re-posted a few of them here.

Since I’ll probably be too preoccupied to write for a while, I’ve decided to feature more old writing and backdate the ones I previously re-posted. If you have the patience, sit back, relax, and enjoy musings and rants from when my greatest concerns were getting out of college and adjusting to adulthood:


21 October 2008, from an old blog

Being the immature control freak that I was 14 years ago, the concept of uncertainty itself unsettled me. This essay documents part of the thought process that led me to learn to plan my life around it.

How not to approach girls.

20 September 2009, from an old blog

Not something I’m proud of, definitely, but I find it amusing and others might, too.

Typhoons, Facebook, and panic.

22 October 2009, from an old blog

The onslaught of Typhoon Ondoy (a.k.a. Ketsana) brought flooding to much of Metro Manila and nearby provinces, turning riverside communities into murky seas littered with debris. I didn’t have the mobility to head to a volunteer center to help pack relief goods, so I settled for being an armchair Good Samaritan by sharing valuable information and flagging one fake news post after another.


17 April 2011, from Facebook

The alternative title for this one is “The graduation speech that wasn’t.”

Ako na.

23 July 2011, from Facebook

I’m rarely sentimental, but a strange dream left me wondering how much I could care for someone.

Not quite there yet.

12 September 2012, from Facebook

Before I became a software engineer, I was a librarian. After a speaking engagement one fine Tuesday morning, I began to reflect on being part of the library profession and my desire to be a different kind of librarian. First in a series of posts on librarianship.


Unpublished (date-stamped 19 May 2013)

This was the supposed follow up to “Sablay,” but ended up in the depths of my archives as I contemplated leaving librarianship to pursue a career in technology.

Making librarianship awesome.

30 November 2014, from Facebook

This was pretty much my final word on librarianship, written months into my new career journey as a software engineer. Much of it was rambling about my frustrations as a librarian and why I thought I’d never measure up because my aspirations were out of line with those befitting of a librarian. The rest is history.

Ten thousand.

21 February 2018, from Facebook and “The Makiroll” on Medium

Shifting gears from librarianship to faith this time. A love letter to God, basically, on my birthday.

For I know the plans I have for you.

24 February 2018, from “The Makiroll” on Medium

This is another one of those rare instances where I don’t write about technology or anything that frustrates me. I normally only share faith testimonies in church or with loved ones, but I think this one deserves a spot on the public Internet.

That’s it for now. As always, thanks for stopping by.